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Politics in February

FEBRUARY is always a big political and economic month in South Africa. The SONA is the speech that outlines the government’s political priorities for the year.

2024 Look Ahead

South Africa celebrates 30 years of democracy in 2024. At the same time, the country goes to elections which may see the ruling ANC voted out of power or forced into a national coalition. 

JUSTICE MALALA outlines the main political and economic trends for the year ahead.

It’s the economy, stupid!

The closer South Africa gets to the national election of 2024 the louder the political noise will get. Many voters will be entertained, horrified, and entranced by politicians making outlandish and unachievable promises, shouting at each other, pushing for space to talk, shoving others aside, posing with babies, and generally begging for attention. 

Political Noise Masks Political Developments

OVER the next few months there will be much snarling and sniping at the opposition parties which have signed up to the Democratic Alliance-initiated ‘moonshot pact’, now formally renamed the Multi-Party Charter for SA. 

Part 1: Key Political Issues That Face South Africa

What will South Africa look like after the 2024 elections? Will it follow Clem Sunter’s high road, or will it slowly deteriorate? Over the next ten months renowned author and political commentator JUSTICE MALALA will give us a monthly update on key trends in the election campaign. In this first article, Malala outlines the key issues that face the country.

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