Notarisation & Documentation Certification Costs

Please note that these costs may change

Apostille Certificate:

R1600.00 per document (including notarisation, high court attendance)

Authentication Certificate:

R4800.00 per fist document, then R 900.00 per documents thereafter (including notarisation, high court, DIRCO and embassy legalisation) *excludes embassy fees.

Notarised copy:

R100.00 per document (including photocopying)

Notarial Attestation:

R650.00 per attestation

Embassy/Consulate legalisation:

Excluded in the above pricing.

Translation services:

R250.00 per document, exclusive of translator’s fees

Colour photocopying

R 5.00 per page

South-African Post Office

Overnight Express R350.00
Courier in South-Africa R450.00
Courier Overseas (DHL) R1000.00

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