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Dog Bites and Animal Attack Claims

Dogs are widely considered to be man’s best friend. However, due to the rising crime rates in South Africa, dogs are often trained to be guard dogs, increasing their risk of aggressive behaviour.

This is thought to be a contributing factor to the rising number of dog bites in South Africa. Furthermore, backyard breeding of large dogs and “power breeds” is also said to be a reason for a rise in unprovoked dog bites and attacks.

When Can You Claim?

You are entitled to claim compensation from the dog’s owner for injuries sustained from a dog bite. Whether you are in a public area or on private property, if a dog or other domestic animal acts contrary to its nature by attacking without provocation, you may hold the owner liable for the attack, even if there is no evidence of negligence on the owner’s behalf.

What Can You Claim?

You may claim for the following:

  • Past and future medical expenses such as all surgical and non-surgical treatment, medical care, and medication needed as a result of the bite or attack
  • Past and future loss of earnings due to unpaid sick leave, loss of employment as direct result of the incident, and forecast future loss of income or earning ability
  • General damages which include pain and suffering, disability, emotional shock, and psychological trauma

When claiming for dog or animal attacks, a summons must be issued against the owner or handler within three years of the date of the incident.

Allow our attorneys in Cape Town and Johannesburg to provide you with expert legal assistance when claiming for dog or animal attacks in South Africa.


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