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Lockdown Rules in South Africa – No Running or Exercising in Your Estate

Although there has been much confusion around the lockdown rules in South Africa, there is one thing that has been made clear; running or exercising in your estate or complex is not permitted.

The current situation surrounding COVID-19 has caused an enormous amount of uncertainty and a sense of sudden confinement has resulted in people turning to outdoor activity to address their cabin fever.

COVID-19 Lockdown

Lockdown Rules in South Africa – Can I Exercise During Lockdown?

Apart from running in your estate or complex, you are also not permitted to take your dog for walks, nor are you permitted to use communal areas in your complex. This applies even if you're the only person using the space at any given time.

The lockdown was enforced in order to effectively fight the spread of the Coronavirus in our country and this can only be done if every resident adheres strictly to the lockdown rules in South Africa.

Our country has witnessed the devastating impact the virus has had on countries that failed to put strict measures into place.

With the delayed implementation of lockdowns that have had very little effect in mitigating the impact of the virus on some countries, they are now faced with extending their lockdowns for indefinite periods of time.

Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that residents remain inside their homes for the duration of the lockdown, including children and live-in staff.

An easy way to understand the stringent nature of the lockdown rules in South Africa is to consider that we should only leave our homes for essential goods or services which include:

  • Collecting social grants
  • Seeking urgent medical attention
  • Purchasing essential items such as food

Furthermore, only individuals who are providing an essential will be permitted to enter into complexes or estates. These services include:

  • Food deliveries
  • Caregivers for the elderly or sick
  • Medicine deliveries
  • Emergency staff
  • Security staff

It is also crucial that all of these individuals are in possession of a legal permit which allows them to travel and enter residential areas to provide their services.

Van Deventer & Van Deventer Incorporated – Attorneys in South Africa Support Nationwide Lockdown

We understand that staying indoors is easier for some but, our attorneys in South Africa support the decision to lock our country down.

In doing so, we can effectively minimise the damage this novel virus does to our beloved country and its people.

If you would like more information regarding the lockdown rules in South Africa, or to find out more about our legal services during this time, please contact us.

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