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The South African Prevention of Illegal Eviction Act

The legal requirements under the Prevention of Illegal Eviction Act are sufficiently daunting to require the assistance of a professional.

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The continued marketing clause in an Offer to Purchase

Most offers to purchase Real Estate contain suspensive conditions protecting the purchaser.

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Property Zoning and Rezoning Applications in South Africa

Just about everybody has heard of zones and zoning in relation to property, but the average property buyer or owner has little - if any - clear knowledge of what the different zones are.

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Steps to registering a mortgage bond

When a Mortgagor borrows money from a Mortgagee, he or she will have a mortgage bond over an immovable property which will serve as a form of security for repaying back amounts owed. 

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Notarial bonds - security for debt and real rights

You will need to act quickly in order to acquire a court order which will allow for you to take possession of the movable property which is covered by the notarial bond

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Property expenses and rental property income tax

SARS requires for you to declare all the income your receive from property investments. These are then subject to income tax and also includes all rental income. 

It is important for taxpayers to have all the supporting documents needed in order to submit their tax returns. 

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Marriage in community of property and how to change this

Without a doubt, being married in community of property is a much cheaper matrimonial regime for couples to enter into. 

Although it is also the most popular matrimonial regime to enter into (by default), it does come with many disadvantages. 

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The Property Practitioners Bill - Good or Bad for estate agents?

It is going to become a lot harder for agents to operate, especially for those who have recently started operating, thanks to the Property Practitioners Bill. 

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A Cohabitation Agreement creates legal certainty for partners

A cohabitation agreement is a legal contract between two people who have chosen to live together, whether they are a heterosexual or a homosexual couple, in order to regulate the legal aspects such as property ownership, support obligations, estate and children.

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Court rules that conveyancer was negligent

Selling a house at times could have various complications that could prevent the process from being completed timeously.

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