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A sole mandate and double commission. How is this possible?

The presence of several agents can lead to confusion about which agent introduced the buyer in the first instance. 

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What happens to property upon death? Drafting a will.

Generally speaking, nobody likes to dwell on the subject of their own death. Unfortunately, it is something that none of us can escape and ignoring the consequences can make things that much harder for those left behind.

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Want To Know More About Capital Gains Tax?

When you sell an asset, you may have to pay capital gains tax (CGT), unless there is an exclusion clause that you can apply. CGT came into effect in South Africa on 1 October 2001.

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Do you really understand the domicilium clause?

Parties as well as their attorneys should thus study every aspect of the domicilium clause to familiarise themselves with the service processes regarding legal notices and summonses.

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Looking to save Capital Gains Tax on Immovable Property?

Van Deventers & Van Deventers Incorporated can help you structure your property investments to attract less CGT on the disposal of immovable property.

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How Are Women Being Affected By The RCMA?

We can clearly see the dire need for an amendment of the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act in order to address uncertainties and contradictions, especially where women in customary marriages are concerned.

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The benefits of a trust for tax & estate planning

A trust can offer an efficient and flexible way to ensure that your assets are preserved and objectively managed and controlled by appointed trustees in the best interest of your beneficiaries.

Recent changes to tax law make it critical to consult an expert to avoid making mistakes in the use of trusts in estate tax planning.

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Looking to save on Capital Gains Tax? Here are 3 ways to do so

The effective rate of capital gains tax has increased dramatically in recent years. It has become more important than ever for taxpayers to reduce their tax bill on immovable property.

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Interested in Joint Ventures? Here Are 8 Need-To-Know Facts

Joint Ventures are amongst the most popular types of business arrangements being used by South Africans, in the Tender environment.

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