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Be careful when dealing with Trusts!

The recent case of Smith v ABSA Bank Limited yet again demonstrates the extreme caution that must be taken when dealing with a Trust.

Business dealings with Trusts are most likely to occur when immovable property is sold or purchased by the Trust. 

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Your vacant garden plot and municipal property rates

Your residential home may be comprised of more than one erf. One erf may have a house built on it while the other erf may be vacant and simply form part of the garden.

The question now arises as to how property rates and other services are charged on erven that do not have residential structures but which still form part of a person’s residential property.

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Property Investment Companies in South Africa

Your property investment company has come across the bargain of the century, you sign the Offer to Purchase and want to take the transfer as soon as possible.

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Engineering Contribution Figures Demanded By The Municipality

The issue of engineering contribution figures that are demanded by the municipality, has been one that frequently arises and needs to be examined more closely.

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Noise Pollution - Dealing With Noisy Neighbours

You have moved into the house of your dreams only to realise that your neighbour operates loud machinery at odd hours of the day, has a mad barking dog, and he has parties till early hours of the morning on weekends. Do you tolerate this or is there some kind of recourse?

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Conflicting Neighbours In A Group Housing Development

You have bought your dream home in a group housing development which was designed in such a way to give each and every house a view of the ocean.

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Land Use Rights and the Payment of Engineering Contribution Figures

Property owners who apply for rights to change the use of their property will have to pay these amounts in order to help with the upgrading of engineering services, such as roads, sewers and parks.

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What happens when your neighbour builds over the boundary line?

Your new neighbour has extended his property right onto your boundary in clear violation of the relevant town planning legislation. You feel aggrieved, as it affects your privacy and the value of your property. What do you do in this situation?

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