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Unlocking co-ownership of a property

Agreements which stipulate that co-owned property will be jointly owned forever are no longer valid. Any one of the co-owners of a property cannot be denied their right to sell the property whenever they so choose.

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Cancelling an Offer to Purchase

Both the purchaser and the seller sign the agreement once the offer has been accepted. Once both parties have signed the OTP, it becomes a legally binding contract. This requires both parties to fulfil their individual responsibilities as specified in the agreement.

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US citizens getting married in South Africa - What you need to know

When marrying a foreigner in South Africa, there are various legal requirements which must be met in order for the marriage to take place.

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South Africans getting married in another country

If you are a South African citizen who is getting married in another country, it’s important that you understand all the legalities involved in this scenario.

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Is Co-ownership of property a life sentence?

Co-ownership of property can be a really good solution to acquiring expensive assets together with like-minded friends. But what happens when your circumstances or relationships change? If your agreement is based on a hand-shake, are you joined at the hip until death do you part?

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Contracts Concerning Love - Cohabitation agreements

Living together unmarried has definite implications that ensure you need to plan your financial partnership very carefully. This is partly due to a lack of the obligations and protection that a marriage contract automatically provides.

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Buying a home with your Partner

Have you and your partner been thinking about joining the real estate game by buying a property together?

That’s easily understandable.  It’s common for romantically involved partners, or even groups of friends to buy properties together. This is mostly because the salary of a young single person usually isn’t enough to cover the kind of bond they would like.

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Rescission of Default Judgement

Debtors often make the big mistake of ignoring summons issued against them for payment. In such a case, the creditor may ask the court for default judgement.

Default judgements remain in effect for 30 years and will result in the blacklisting of the debtor, making it almost impossible to get credit.

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