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Watch out for VAT clauses in a sales agreement for immovable property

Parties to sale agreements of immovable property should exercise caution when drafting the VAT clauses.

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Should the date of occupation coincide with the transfer?

Whether the date of occupation should be a particular date or on registration of transfer is an issue that often gives rise to debate.

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What are the 3 most common property servitudes?

Property Servitudes may pose serious impediments to your intention to use a property. Which is why you should research the types of servitude before purchase.

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Do you need a Living Will? Explained by our Attorneys in Sandton

The purpose of a Living Will is to guide your family and doctors when you are in an unrecoverable medical state and are no longer capable of making your own medical decisions because of this condition.

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What should you consider before you start working from home?

Working from home helps to cut down on costs of travelling to and from work and also reduces the money spent on resources that are used to run the company premises.

It is becoming increasingly popular for people to work from home, especially with the great earning opportunities available to freelancers and contract workers. As a result, they will usually need a home office.

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Things to note about the new Cape Town Property Zoning Scheme

In March 2013, a new regulation was put in place concerning guest houses in the Western Cape area. The new Cape Town Zoning Scheme (CTZS) was enforced on 26 November 2012 and affects all guest houses as of March 2013.

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Why is it so hard for foreigners to apply for a bond?

Foreigners wishing to buy properties in South Africa are finding it difficult to obtain residency permits and home loans, even though they may have high level qualifications and skills that would make them an asset to the country.

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Beware of unregistered estate agents and unexpected outcomes

With all the potential risk that a property buyer could face, it is no wonder why people are strongly warned against dealing with an estate agent who isn’t EAAB registered.

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Non-refundable deposits in an offer to purchase

Non-refundable deposits in an offer to purchase properties are fairly common.

An offer to purchase may also contain breach clauses that allow the seller to cancel that agreement and retain all amounts paid on account of the purchase price as liquidated damages.

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Is a bank letter enough for bond clause fulfillment?

The question arose as to whether or not the sale agreement was valid by the early fulfillment of the suspensive condition contained in the clause of the offer to purchase.

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