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Child Custody in South Africa – Frequently asked questions

When it comes to child custody laws in South Africa, there are many common questions that divorcees may want the answers to.

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What tax benefits are property owners entitled to in South Africa?

Are there any tax benefits for property owners in South Africa? What do you need to know when declaring income from property investments to SARS?

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Benefits of rent to buy property agreements in South Africa

Rent to buy is an attractive option for any person wanting to buy a property but who simply doesn’t have the necessary starting capital.

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Water damage in Sectional Title Schemes

When it comes to water damage and damp problems in sectional title schemes, there is often a lack of clarity around who exactly is responsible for the damage caused and who gets to fix it.

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Is an estate agent’s sole mandate agreement binding in South Africa?

A sole mandate is a contract between an estate agent and seller where the seller agrees to appoint the specific estate agent to sell his property.

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How do I get rid of my timeshare?

Regardless of the notable benefits timeshare offers its owners, there are some downfalls which may leave some people wondering how to get rid of timeshare in South Africa.

In some cases, people who have signed up to timeshare instantly feel that they have entered into a commitment they might not be ready for.

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How to get full custody over my child

Child custody laws in South Africa are governed by the Children’s Act which also defines parental rights and responsibilities.

Parents have a fundamental responsibility to be actively involved in their child’s lives. However, in some cases the parents are unable to find mutual grounds regarding their child’s best interests.

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Management of a Sectional Title Scheme by an Executive Managing Agent

An executive managing agent (EMA) is any person who provides a body corporate with management services and thereby receives monetary or other compensation. 

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Building Penalties and Homeowner’s Associations

Before buying an erf or plot as part of a homeowner’s association (HOA), it is extremely important for the buyer to read and completely understand all of the provisions, including building penalties which are laid out by the HOA’s governance documentation.

Members of a homeowner’s association are required to comply with “commencement of construction” and “completion of construction” dates.

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Body Corporate Funds

Two types of body corporate funds are available according to the Sectional Title Schemes Management Act (STSMA) 8 of 2011 and the Prescribed Management Rules (PMR). These funds are referred to as the administrative and reserve funds and each have a separate purpose.

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