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VAT or Transfer Duty in South Africa – Which is Payable on Property?

In order to know whether you will be paying VAT or transfer duty in South Africa when purchasing a property, you first need to know how the property is currently registered.

Section 54 of The VAT Act South Africa Explained - Principal vs Agent Tax

Section 54 of The VAT Act South Africa has been included in order to govern the practical problems faced when goods or services are supplied to and from VAT vendors via agents.

Leasing Residential Property on a Long-Term Basis – How Does it Work?

Many new developments are offering a long-term lease as a form of title ownership. Leasing residential property on a long-term basis is an option for individuals who are looking for other ways to occupy property without owning it.

Purchasing Property in Senior Living Communities

Luxury retirement villages and retirement developments are becoming increasingly popular as South Africa citizens seek a safe place to settle into their retirement.

However, these retirement communities are typically modern and luxurious, resulting in high purchasing prices and consequently, other related fees.

Long-Term Lease Agreement of Property in South Africa

Long-term lease agreements are often overlooked as a potential form of title to property in South Africa. However, long-term rentals can provide more stability and security for both the owner of the property and the tenant or lessee than their short-term counterparts.

All homebuilders must register under New Housing Bill

In terms of the new Bill, any homebuilder or developer who undertakes or commissions the building of a home must apply for registration with the National Homebuilders' Regulatory Council (NHRC)

The Downfalls of South Africans Getting Married Abroad

Many couples have the dream of getting married abroad in an exotic destination, but there are certain pitfalls that can come from doing this.

South African marital laws presume that a woman’s home is with her husband’s home and when they get married, the woman is legally bound by the laws of the country he treats as his home.

Customary Marriage in South Africa & the Division of Joint Estate

A customary marriage in South Africa refers to a marriage that is negotiated, concluded or celebrated according to indigenous African customary law.

With customary marriages, there is often some confusion around the legal right to make claims on the matrimonial property after the marriage has ended.

Dual Ownership of Property - Transferring Shared Ownership

There are many benefits of entering into a dual ownership of property, especially when individual finances don’t allow for single ownership of a home or property.

However, there are complications when it comes to one or more parties involved in the co-ownership of property deciding to cancel the original arrangement.

Intestate Succession – What Happens if You Don’t Leave a Will?

If you die without leaving a will in South Africa, the rules of intestate succession will apply as stipulated in the Intestate Succession Act 81 of 1987.

Any person above the age of 16 is entitled to make a will which determines how his or her estate should be distributed upon death.

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