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When 'James Bond' Passes By On A Joint Bond

Behind the gentleman in tuxedos, is a man who always gets the job done. James Bond is agent 007, a fictional character in the James Bond franchise movies, the most successful in British history. 

Property Co-Ownership - Things to Avoid

Ken and Busi, are a young couple who graduated from college last year and recently secured employment. They have been together for 6 years.

Securing permanent employment came with tears of joy, as they are now hopeful that their plans of settling down will start to take shape. At the centre of those plans is jointly owning a home before marriage, a home they have since identified just a few blocks from where Busi rents an apartment.

An Important Consideration for Unmarried Couples Needing A Bond

There are a number of reasons why couples may opt to remain unmarried. The reasons are various, from estate planning to career considerations, religious reasons, family relations and even the lure of independence as an individual.

The continued marketing clause in an Offer to Purchase

Most offers to purchase Real Estate contain suspensive conditions protecting the purchaser.


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