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Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination – Your Rights as an Employee

Now that the Department of Labour issued a Directive on 11 June 2021 with regards to mandatory vaccination policies in the workplace, it is crucial for employees to know what their legal position is in this situation. This article will attempt to present a guide of general application to employees so as to outline what their legal position is in terms of mandatory vaccination in the workplace.

Vaccination Policy South Africa – Are we Moving Towards Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations?

Amid the government’s efforts to contain the virus whilst ensuring the economy is kept on its feet, there has been talk on whether the strict enforcement of such efforts may encroach on constitutional rights unjustifiably in a democratic society.

The Dilemma of Mandatory Vaccination in the Workplace

To achieve a safe working environment employers must adopt interventions and put measures in place that are necessary to do so. The Covid-19 virus has become the latest threat to workplace safety and employers are in a fix on how to approach the delicate issue of ensuring the safety of their employees against transmissions in the workplace.


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