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Cut Off From the Grid - Can a Landlord Cut Off Electricity in South Africa?

Prepaid utility installations are preferred by more landlords because they prevent situations where there are outstanding arrears on the utility account of the property, whilst the advantage to the tenant is that they pay as they use and offers an opportunity to be in control of their consumption.

Early Termination of Lease Agreements in South Africa - The Handy Bits

The most effective way for parties to prepare for unforeseen circumstances whereat a need may arise for the early termination of a lease agreement, is to include an early termination clause in the lease agreement.

Estate Agent Commission – Conflicting Claims

In order for an estate agent to be entitled to commission, they must have been the effective cause of the transaction. This means that they must have played a direct and significant role in bringing the buyer or tenant and the seller or landlord together and in facilitating the successful completion of the transaction.

Stipulatio Alteri – Claiming for Agent Commission

A stipulatio alteri is a legal term that refers to a provision or clause in a contract that states that one party will receive a benefit or commission, regardless of whether or not they were the cause or reason for the contract being fulfilled. 

The South African Prevention of Illegal Eviction Act

The legal requirements under the Prevention of Illegal Eviction Act are sufficiently daunting to require the assistance of a professional.


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