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Simultaneous Registrations - Registration of Deeds in South Africa

The timely registration of deeds such as bonds and transfers, in particular their simultaneous registration, is extremely important for financial reasons.

Property Rezoning Objection - When is it an abuse of right?

Should the property rezoning objection be made with the intent to cause harm financially to the other party this could be considered an abuse of right to object. 

Engineering Contribution Figures Demanded By The Municipality

The issue of engineering contribution figures that are demanded by the municipality, has been one that frequently arises and needs to be examined more closely.

Conflicting Neighbours In A Group Housing Development

You have bought your dream home in a group housing development which was designed in such a way to give each and every house a view of the ocean.

Land Use Rights and the Payment of Engineering Contribution Figures

Property owners who apply for rights to change the use of their property will have to pay these amounts in order to help with the upgrading of engineering services, such as roads, sewers and parks.

Can Your Neighbours Object to Your Building Plans?

According to the property law in South Africa, proposed building plans must be submitted for approval to the local authority's building department. But can your neighbours object to your building plans?

Selling Property? What You Need to Know About Property Law

Selling property may not be as easy as many people think.

In fact, if you sell your immovable property without approved plans, this process might turn into a complete nightmare, with you forking out extra money.

Electric Fence Regulations in South Africa

In 2011, amendments were made in the Electric Fence Regulations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act which came into effect in 2012.

But what does this mean to property owners with electric fences?


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