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The Community Schemes Ombud Services Act

Conflict within Sectional Title Schemes can be difficult to manage at the best of times, without the added stress of having to live cheek by jowl with the source of your conflict.

Fortunately the Community Schemes Ombud Services Act provides a means to a mediated legal settlement and resolution of the conflict.

Statutory exemption against the PDE implemented

Expanded criterion for the grant of the statutory exemption against the Professional Designation Examination implemented.

Questions regarding neighbours, boundaries, property rights

The rights extended to you and your neighbours are determined by the boundaries between your properties. 

Your will and how property passes upon your death

While the subject of death is not usually something we like to focus on, it is however something that needs to be planned to to make things less difficult for our loved ones. 

How is estate duty charged on property?

According to the Estate Duty Act, estate duty is charged on the dutiable value of a property. The rate in South Africa is currently 20% of the estates dutiable value.

Do you need building plans for minor building works?

If not defined as minor building work, then any construction work you do on your property will need to have plans. 

How does the Amended FIC Act affect estate agents?

The Act will significantly impact the property market and industry specifically with regards to residential and commercial property at the higher end of the market.

What may a landlord do if a tenant fails to pay the rent

When tenants fail to pay their rent or electricity bill, their landlords may resort to locking them out of the residential property. 

Legal consequences when sequestrating a land owner

Upon sequestration of a debtor’s estate, the Master of the Supreme Court will appoint a curator to collect and realise the debtor’s assets in an orderly and efficient manner in order to ensure that payment to creditors are made.

Liquor License Applications in South Africa

There are a number of mistakes that many people make with liquor license applications. This article will help explain a few of the things you should know before you apply for a license to sell liquor.

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