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Does the Consumer Protection Act apply to Estate Agents?

The Consumer Protection Act 68 OF 2008 (CPA) came into effect in 2011 with an aim of ensuring fair, competitive and responsible markets that protect South African consumers as well as to promote ethical business practices. It makes a distinction between suppliers of goods and services on one hand, as well as consumers on the other. This article seeks to implore to what extent the CPA is applicable to Estate Agents.

Borehole Regulations in South Africa & Compliance in Property Transfers

Due to the diverse administrative requirements of various local government authorities, such regulations vary from one municipality to the other. However they are all targeted at the exploitation of underground water resources in a sustainable, safe and controlled manner.

Disadvantages of Share Block Schemes and Steps for Conversion

It is recommended that blocks of flats or group housing schemes be converted to sectional title as soon as possible if they haven’t already done so. 

How to pass a unanimous resolution in a sectional title scheme

When very important decisions need to be made by sectional title owners, then a unanimous resolution needs to be passed. 

Seller claims mora interest for delays caused by Buyer

When a party fails to do something they are supposed to do as per the sales agreement then the transfer of property could be delayed.

Statutory exemption against the PDE implemented

Expanded criterion for the grant of the statutory exemption against the Professional Designation Examination implemented.

Fire Protection - Can a special levy be raised to cover costs?

In the case of one complex, a newly appointed managing agent found out that there weren’t any fire hoses or fire hydrants located in the complex. 

Kick-back policies in estates hamper free market forces

There are instances where the management companies of upmarket estates deduct a percentage of the value of a property automatically (usually from the estate agent's commission).

What VAT increase means for your property transactions

Effective as of 1 April 2018, the will be an increase of the VAT rate from 14% to 15%. Real estate transactions are also affected by the increase. 

A potential problem that arises with the Homeowners Association

In a sectional title scheme, the question arises of what happens when there is no mention in the title deed or purchase agreement of the presence of a Homeowners Association.

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