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Is Co-ownership of property a life sentence?

Co-ownership of property can be a really good solution to acquiring expensive assets together with like-minded friends. But what happens when your circumstances or relationships change? If your agreement is based on a hand-shake, are you joined at the hip until death do you part?

How to pass a unanimous resolution in a sectional title scheme

When very important decisions need to be made by sectional title owners, then a unanimous resolution needs to be passed. 

The setting aside of proof of income for granting credit

The ruling held that a proof of income won’t be needed by consumers in order to apply for credit.

No fire protection equipment in Sectional Title Scheme

A sectional title complex on the South Coast was faced with a serious problem relating to fire protection during power outages.

Amendments to a bond clause - Critical considerations

Due to the passing of the National Credit Act, the amendments to a bond clause have become a hot topic of discussion.


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