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Understanding SASRIA – Your Questions Answered Part II

This is the follow up to our previous article.

As a summary to Part 1, we noted that owing to the recent protests and looting in some parts of Kwa-Zulu Natal and Gauteng, the role of SASRIA in these volatile situations has been discussed in the media and public arena.

sasria insurance south africa

What is SASRIA?

SASRIA is an acronym for South African Special Risks Insurance Association which is a short-term insurance public entity listed under Schedule 3B of the Public Finance Management Act 1 of 1999, owned by the State and under the control of the National Treasury.

In this article we will finalise answering questions we have received and some within public discourse with regards to SASRIA and its role in the insurance industry. In the event that there are any affected parties who require further assistance, they are most welcome to contact us for a consultation wherein we will comprehensively assist. Insurance is a complex area and therefore we strongly advise parties to seek legal assistance to enhance the prospects of their claims and to secure their interests.

SASRIA Frequently Asked Questions

Does SASRIA charge an excess fee when claims are lodged?

No excess fee is charged when claims are lodged, except in contract work claims.

Does SASRIA cover an individual’s business’ loss of income due to pandemic and lockdown?

The Business Interruption cover is a standalone cover which does not follow the underlying insurance cover. Secondly the Business Interruption cover is dependent on the material damage principle as provided in the policy schedule. Therefore, loss of income of a business due to the pandemic and lockdown is not essentially covered.

Does SASRIA cover claims that arose during which the policy holder was in violation of national lockdown restrictions?

While the underlying insurance policy may have its own liability rules in determining cover, SASRIA cover will undertake its own investigations to determine if cover must be granted in a particular situation or not.

Is it the duty of the insured to prove damage during an insured event?

It is trite in law that one who alleges a fact must prove or at the very least present some sufficient evidence (beyond reasonable doubt or on balance of probability).

In receiving a claim, SASRIA requests any and all documents and equipment that will assist in investigating the damages suffered so that it may either accept or reject liability. It is therefore in the interest of the insured to submit any and all relevant evidence (documentary, video etc) so as to assist SASRIA in its investigation of the claim to determine cover.

Does SASRIA provide car hire?

No, it does not.

Does SASRIA cover property in the same jurisdictions wherein the underlying insurance product covers?

SASRIA only covers property within the borders of South Africa and the waters in its jurisdiction.

Van Deventer & Van Deventer Incorporated – Insurance Claims Attorneys

We trust the information in this two part series has been of assistance. We advise that individuals and businesses ensure that they have adequate cover so as to avoid disappointments when they lodge claims at their insurers.

We comprehensively assist with Insurance Law and related matters, whilst fully prepared to guide individuals and businesses in this complicated area of law and commerce. Kindly make contact with us for comprehensive assistance in these and other matters.


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