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All homebuilders must register under New Housing Bill

In terms of the new Bill, any homebuilder or developer who undertakes or commissions the building of a home must apply for registration with the National Homebuilders' Regulatory Council (NHRC)

Kick-back policies in estates hamper free market forces

There are instances where the management companies of upmarket estates deduct a percentage of the value of a property automatically (usually from the estate agent's commission).

Delays that could arise in the property transfer process

Many people wishing to sell or purchase a property may be ignorant of the various steps that are involved in a property transaction.

Our Conveyancing Attorneys Simplify the Property Transfer Process

The parties involved in the property transfer process include the seller, the buyer, the transferring or conveyancing attorney’s, the bond attorney and the bond originator.

Your vacant garden plot and municipal property rates

Your residential home may be comprised of more than one erf. One erf may have a house built on it while the other erf may be vacant and simply form part of the garden.

The question now arises as to how property rates and other services are charged on erven that do not have residential structures but which still form part of a person’s residential property.

Selling Property? What You Need to Know About Property Law

Selling property may not be as easy as many people think.

In fact, if you sell your immovable property without approved plans, this process might turn into a complete nightmare, with you forking out extra money.


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