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Buying a home with your Partner

Have you and your partner been thinking about joining the real estate game by buying a property together?

That’s easily understandable.  It’s common for romantically involved partners, or even groups of friends to buy properties together. This is mostly because the salary of a young single person usually isn’t enough to cover the kind of bond they would like.

Seller claims mora interest for delays caused by Buyer

When a party fails to do something they are supposed to do as per the sales agreement then the transfer of property could be delayed.

Questions relating to sectional title schemes

It is important to be well informed before purchasing into a sectional title scheme.

A question regarding the appointment of the conveyancing attorney

Why is the seller entitled to appoint the conveyancing attorney when the buyer is responsible for paying him or her?

Court ruling against estates with regards to public road usage

In a court ruling in the Pietermaritzburg High Court, an issue was presented when the daughter of Mr Singh, a Mount Edgecombe resident, was fined for speeding on the estate. 

Risks, benefits and occupation when purchasing a property

It is important that a prospective property buyer understands the various terms of an offer to purchase before completing, signing and submitting one.

Can you cancel a sales agreement whenever you want?

A person who enters into a sale needs to be aware of the legal implications that could arise if they decide to pull out of the property purchase which would be a breach of the sale contract. 

How the Consumer Protection Act could affect estate agents

Estate agents are suppliers of goods and services to sellers and buyers of immovable property and so they fall into the defined criteria of a supplier as highlighted in the Consumer Protection Act.


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