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Transferring a Deceased Estate in South Africa

Throughout a person's life, they will accumulate a variety of assets and obligations. These assets can range from tangible items such as property, vehicles, and furniture to liquid assets like cash. On the other hand, liabilities may include home loans, personal loans, and retail accounts.

Buying a home with your Partner

Have you and your partner been thinking about joining the real estate game by buying a property together?

That’s easily understandable.  It’s common for romantically involved partners, or even groups of friends to buy properties together. This is mostly because the salary of a young single person usually isn’t enough to cover the kind of bond they would like.

Seller claims mora interest for delays caused by Buyer

When a party fails to do something they are supposed to do as per the sales agreement then the transfer of property could be delayed.

Steps to registering a mortgage bond

When a Mortgagor borrows money from a Mortgagee, he or she will have a mortgage bond over an immovable property which will serve as a form of security for repaying back amounts owed. 

Property expenses and rental property income tax

SARS requires for you to declare all the income your receive from property investments. These are then subject to income tax and also includes all rental income. 

It is important for taxpayers to have all the supporting documents needed in order to submit their tax returns. 

The Property Practitioners Bill - Good or Bad for estate agents?

It is going to become a lot harder for agents to operate, especially for those who have recently started operating, thanks to the Property Practitioners Bill. 

Delay in Transfer - Buyer forced to pay interest to seller

All too often people try to argue slight technicalities in the law in hopes of trying to capitalise at the expense of another party.

Am I responsible for the previous owner's unpaid rates and taxes?

In a much anticipated Constitutional Court Judgment it was been ruled that new property owners are longer expected to take responsibility for settling municipal debt incurred by previous owners of the acquired property.


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